H E Y  T H E R E

Let me talk about myself in third person...

Andreas M. Hansen is an incorrigible creative who specializes in web design, art direction, calligraphy, and crafting brand identity. A self-taught calligraphist, he has amassed a large following on his Instagram account, which showcases his clean, minimalistic approach to the art form as well as his high-contrast aesthetic.

Used to working primarily in a digital medium, Andreas first pursued calligraphy for its physicality, drawn in by the tactility of ink and paper. After noticing a lack of usable and fun tools for designers to learn the many typefaces, he designed and created his own app, Font Nerd, which gamifies the process.

Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark he has lived and worked around the world, most recently in Hong Kong. Andreas is always interested in hearing about new projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to him.  


- S A Y  H E L L O